Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend-ish recap

Sorry for all the multi-day posts lately. I'm having trouble keeping up more frequent posts. Darn life's just getting in the way of my blog. :D


Group run speed work was on the agenda for Thursday night. I was seriously tired all day Thursday and my legs were pretty tight AND it was scorchingly hot and humid. I had a case of the "don't wannas" but I made myself go, deciding to just give it my best. The speed work called for 10x400 repeats with a 1:30 minute rest in between each one. Ryan figured out our pace and said I should be pacing myself right at an 8:00 mile for each 400. That felt a little slow for the first few, but I was very glad by the time we were hitting our 6th and 7th ones. Whew. I really didn't think I'd like this speed workout. I'm not a fast runner and not a good sprinter at all. I tend to run flat footed. But, I really enjoyed the 400s. It gave me a chance to open up my stride, but I still had to pace myself. It was a challenge both mentally and physically. I held an average 8:02 for all 10 of those bad boys, in the 90 degree heat and 86% humidity!


Varsity just got the Zensah compression sleeves in the store this week. A few people were trying them out during the run Thursday night. They said they could really tell a difference in how their calves and knees felt during and after the run. I've been toying with getting a pair of compression socks anyway for recovery after long runs but have just been a lazy butt and haven't ordered them online. Since I could now buy them locally I ran by the store and picked me up a pair on Friday - in PINK of course.

I wore them around on Friday night for about an hour just to see how they felt. They do take some work just to get them on. Picture stuffing 5 lbs of poo in a 1 lb bag. :) I was worried I had gotten the wrong size, but once I struggled and got them on (after a bit of cursing, a decent tri workout and some blood, sweat and tears) they felt really good. They really support and squeeze the calves.

I decided to go all geek runner on Saturday and wear them during the long run. I figure if the running cap, huge pace watch and completely unflattering fuel belt didn't geek me out enough, these pink compression sleeves would definitely clinch my status in dorkdome. But, as a runner you tend to get past that. Having to drop trow for unexpected bowel issues or throttling snot rockets so you can breath gets you over that real quick.

The 8 mile run went smoothly (as smooth as can be expected in summer in Louisiana). It took less time for my legs to warm up. Usually it takes a good mile for me to feel "good to go", especially after speed work days. I noticed less calf pain during the first mile too. AND, not sure if this is attributable to the sleeves, but my knees (especially the really bum right one) didn't feel fatigued toward the end of the run - AND I wasn't wearing my patella support band at all.


My test was going to be how fatigued and sore my legs and joints felt on Sunday. Usually I roll out of bed Sunday morning and it takes my legs a few minutes to function properly. I do the old man shuffle to the bathroom and then the stiff, tin-man walk to the coffee machine. I rolled out of bed with...(wait for it!)....FRESH LEGS!! No joint pain. No stiffness.

I. Was. Shocked.

I'm sold on these things. They were a little warm for the run. I'm not sure if I'll wear them during the long runs or just throw them on after to aid recovery. I'm thinking about wearing them during Thursday speed work though to see if they can make me run REALLY FAST. :D

Today I was going to go out for a leisurely 5 or 6 miles, but my stomach is rebelling right now. Not sure if I have a stomach bug or fiber overload. Either way, I can't stray too far from the bathroom (TMI - I know!) Hopefully I'll feel better by this evening.

Today I LOVE: That I have the flexibility to work from home.


Sarah said...

LOL! And this shall now be bookmarked as one of my favorite posts. I love, love your "geek" paragraph. That is so me and I just shake my head laughing.

You have totally sold me on those compression sleeves. I need to look for some here. My knees are toast the next day and if looking like more of a dork will eliminate that...I'm all for it!

Hope your tummy resolves itself soon!

Marlene said...

Awesome job on the 400 repeats!

I love thos ecompression sleeves. Glad to hear they made such a big difference in your recovery! I guess they'll definitely become a part of your regular rotation. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow those compression sleeves sound wonderful!

I'm already a dork in so many facets of my life, what's one more? LOL...

Willie said...

Oh the thought of you in your super-incredible-pink lantern-running outfit! Oh and with bathroom troubles too! Oh stop, I can't take it, you're killing me!

Ok, I've stopped giggling (almost), you're becoming a running machine! Look at you go! Nice job on the training, you're going to ROCK Tulsa!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ahh, hope you're feeling better!

I've always wondered about these crazy socks - I'm glad you posted on this! Not sure I'll grab a pair unless I start training for a Full, but still, good to have the info :)

RBR said...

Only you could rock those pink compression socks and make them not look geeky!

I hope your tunny is better!

Matt (No Meat Athlete) said...

Wow very interesting about the compression socks...I keep hearing more and more great reviews of them.

I'm interested to hear how they work when you just wear them for recovery, not during the run. Somehow that seems more doable to me; maybe I'm still in the snot-rocket anxiety phase.

Aron said...

i bought those sleeves (well not the pink ones) for my husband. i wear compression socks all the time but really want the sleeves! i could wear them under my work pants ;)